Importing Uppy in Aurelia framework extremely slow

Hi there!!

I have a project with Aurelia framework and I’m trying to use Uppy. The process I’ve followed is:

I’ve installed it with npm/jspm
Then, in one of the Aurelia classes, I imported Uppy and/or its plugins:

import Uppy, { Dashboard, GoogleDrive, Webcam, Url, AwsS3 } from ‘uppy’;

Everything works. I can use it, but the page is very slow now.
I’ve checked in Chrome Task Manager. and “Memory Footprint” for that page is almost 2GB (before Uppy it was 100mb more or less)

Any hints?

Ow, I’m really not familiar with Aurelia, so I don’t have a clue off the top of my head :frowning: Would it be possible for you to upload a small sample app that has that problem, eg as a github repository? Ideally just a barebones Aurelia app that only contains Uppy… then I can try to have a look at it!