Slow upload/processing time using uppy

Hello, I’m self-hosting and the upload time even for small files is very slow. Files < 100kb taking over a minute stuck on 0% before they upload. We are using amzn s3 for storage and hosting companion on aws. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi there,

I’m unsure what amzn s2 is, do you mean S3? And which upload is slow? Companion does not receive uploads from the browser, it does fetch files from external locations (like Instagram) and then forwards those to the destination (like S3). Is that part very slow for you? Have you checked for load and logs?

Thanks for the prompt reply! Yes, s3, sorry! And yes, nothing in the logs. The part that is slow is when the file is initially uploading…it then waits at 0% for over a minute(tried various devices, users, locations and same result). Then will upload quickly to it’s destination(s3).