Upload file from drop box to aws using Dropbox and aws multipart plugins


I am wondering what’s the simplest way to use the drop box plugin to select files from a Dropbox account using the Uppy Dropbox plugin and have it upload to my aws S3 bucket using the Uppy Aws multipart plug-in.



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I’m interested in the answer to this as well.
The docs on AWS don’t have much in the way of examples tbh, and trial and error is time consuming to test this out. This also relates to Resumable AWS S3 multipart integration

Any clues? ty!

Are you running Companion servers? Companion should handle the upload to S3 in this case.

No, I’m using PHP to generate the URL as a test.

This is related to my questions on Resumable AWS S3 multipart integration and my question about using Dashboard with the AWS Multipart plugin. There isn’t a clear example that illustrates this.

You can use any Destination plugin with the Dashboard, it’s just that, if you want to fetch from Dropbox, you’ll need a Companion server for that to handle secrets and auth, as well as, letting companion handle the upload to the Destination itself, so that e.g. 20GB dropbox files aren’t first fetched to a mobile device and then uploaded by it (draining data plans an battery-life quickly)