Uppy + multer-s3?

I’m trying to integrate Uppy in our app to upload documents to AWS S3 buckets and really struggling - our current non-Uppy, standard file upload uses multer-s3 to upload documents to AWS S3 buckets. We’re using nodejs/express.

Is it possible to have Uppy simply point uploads to our multer-s3 post route and have multer-s3 handle the upload to AWS? Or do I need the AWS-s3 plugin? And if so, is there somewhere I can find some instructions that are really, really dumbed down (I have spent hours trying to understand this)? It’s not at all clear to me if I absolutely need companion, as the examples all seem to use it.

My ideal solution, I think, would be to simply have Uppy direct files to my existing multer enabled route - not sure if that’s possible, as all the non-AWS-s3 examples seem to use tus server, and time constraints are making it difficult for me to learn web pack, tus server, companion, and AWS-s3 plugin in order to enable Uppy (but I’d really, really like to use Uppy!).

Thank you!

It turns out the Uppy AWS S3 plug in and Multer are mutually exclusive: you can use one or the other, but not both (apparently you can use Multer with the XHR Upload plug, though I haven’t tried that).

If you’re interested in using the Uppy with the AWS S3 plug in and NodeJS with Express, I’ve provided some detailed instructions here, which include metadata and tag uploads too.