Uppy + multer-s3?

I’m trying to integrate Uppy in our app to upload documents to AWS S3 buckets and really struggling - our current non-Uppy, standard file upload uses multer-s3 to upload documents to AWS S3 buckets. We’re using nodejs/express.

Is it possible to have Uppy simply point uploads to our multer-s3 post route and have multer-s3 handle the upload to AWS? Or do I need the AWS-s3 plugin? And if so, is there somewhere I can find some instructions that are really, really dumbed down (I have spent hours trying to understand this)? It’s not at all clear to me if I absolutely need companion, as the examples all seem to use it.

My ideal solution, I think, would be to simply have Uppy direct files to my existing multer enabled route - not sure if that’s possible, as all the non-AWS-s3 examples seem to use tus server, and time constraints are making it difficult for me to learn web pack, tus server, companion, and AWS-s3 plugin in order to enable Uppy (but I’d really, really like to use Uppy!).

Thank you!