Unable to work the AwsS3 Plugin

I have tried Aws S3 plugin many times and read the documentation and run the example (aws-uppy-server) but I am facing an issue ie I am getting only white screen and didn’t get any error in console. I put all the aws key’s in server.js and run the application using command

Inside the directory then
npm install
npm start

I didn’t see any uploader in my screen. How I will get it.

and my code is below :-


Uppy AWS Example < link href='https://transloadit.edgly.net/releases/uppy/v0.23.0/dist/uppy.min.css' rel='stylesheet' > < /head > < body > < script src='\node_modules\browserify\example\source_maps\js\build\bundle.js' >< /script > < /body > < /html > =================================================================================


const uppy = require(‘uppy-server’)
const app = require(‘express’)()


providerOptions: {
s3: {
getKey: (req, filename) =>
key: ‘***’,
secret: ‘***’,
bucket: ‘***’,
region: ‘us-east-2’
server: { host: ‘localhost:9931’ }

app.listen(9931, () => {
console.log(‘listening on port 9931’)


const Uppy = require(‘uppy/lib/core’)
const Dashboard = require(‘uppy/lib/plugins/Dashboard’)
const AwsS3 = require(‘uppy/lib/plugins/AwsS3’)

const uppy = Uppy({
debug: true,
autoProceed: false

uppy.use(Dashboard, {
inline: true,
target: ‘body’
uppy.use(AwsS3, {
host: ‘http://localhost:9931


@goto-bus-stop @ameft Please help me to plugin with AwsS3

This is how I configured the plugin. I don’t undestand what is the issue. Can you please tell me.
Thank you so much for the help.