Uppy Companion S3 Multipart Upload With Lambda

Hello Uppy Community,

We are trying to implement Uppy S3 Mulitpart upload. We currently have a working demo and greatly thank the team for the awesome work.

We have currently deployed a standalone companion on a AWS EC2 linux machine and have managed to start the standalone server as a daemon service and is working as expected.

Our project consist of large zipped files (GB) to be uploaded via Uppy to AWS S3.

We recently realized that Uppy Companion can be deployed as a serverless AWS Lambda. However, since AWS Lambda has a 500 MB disk restriction would AWS Lambda be a incompatible solution to run Uppy Companion on AWS Lambda for large file upload since Companion writes to a temporary file (etc. /tmp).

What would your recommendation be to run a Companion server?

Thanks in Advance
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Hello Uppy Community,

Iā€™m still looking for a solution any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

hi cenmura did you find a solution to this problem. I wish to do the exact same thing. did you manage to solve it?

Hi @BenKoshy,

Unfortunately no. However, we decided to launch a seperate vm for companion and i worked fine. However, depending on you system I also remember companion having a docker image would be a decent solution if you are using docker/kubernetes.

Sorry for late response.

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