Serverless for Companion


I am taking a look at the best way to implement Companion server and noticed there is now a serverless method!

While this is very cool and along the lines of many of our deployments I was wondering if and how it handles long running upload processes from providers such as large uploads from Google and Dropbox with the lambda timeouts.



At least for now, the serverless example has been deprecated. It doesn’t work well enough to have as an example. As for why, I’ll quote @kvz (source)

But it really mainly comes down to resource constraints on our part, we have a handful of engineers working on Uppy, already allocating 80% of our revenue on open source, and we don’t currently have a usecase for an uppy serverless example which proves to be a bit of a timesink for the already overworked crew. It’s just hard to justify keep spending on that while there are still plenty other issues out there hurting our customer base/community users.

Hope you understand. We’re a small bootstrapped company and while we often try, we can’t always spend in all directions, even if all of those are valuable. And so I also don’t mean to say serverless is useless, it’s just probably not the thing we should spend money on right now . I’d be very grateful if the community would gather behind this and get it to a good place, but i don’t want to keep advertising a broken example in the meantime so i’d rather officially deprecate it, maybe with the note that we’re happy to accept community PRs to get it to a good place(?)

- Andrew