Migrating from fine-uploader to uppy

Hi everyone,

We have a production app using Fine-Uploader and I would like to explore migrating to Uppy. Has anyone here made the transition in the past - if so please share your experiences or if you can point me at any documentation or notes that would be much appreciated.

~ Rodney

Hi, you are not asking any specific questions so it’s hard to help currently. Please voice concerns or questions.

Hi Merlijn, I am looking to see if anyone has experiences from completing migrating a project from using Fine-Uploader to Uppy. It doesn’t hurt to ask - right? I’m not looking for help on specific issues as such, I am doing preliminary research.

If no-one here has done this migration, then fine, I will document process and share anything useful I learn later…

~ Rodney

Hi Rodney

We started the exact same migration due to an unsolved problem, if we tried to upload more than 3 images bigger than 2 MB with Fineuploader.

Fineuploader seems not to be under development anymore and Uppy has more options, but unfortunately we faced the same problem at the end with Uppy. We have to update dozens of client websites or more. Maybe it is a hosting issue.

Anyway, the migration with xhr worked quite easy. Most of the examples were missing the point that we have to code i.e. Uppy.XHRUpload instead of only XHRUpload
...target: '#drag-drop-area'}).use(Uppy.XHRUpload,...
which cost us a while to find out.

I hope our feedback helps you to migrate. I can recommend it.

We didn’t finish the migration, but only because we couldn’t yet fix the main issue with the file size/quantity. Maybe you have an idea how to fix it. We suspect the reason no to a webserver setting, but this is difficult to change, because we use shared (Windows) hostings.