Uppy Companion for SFTP and S3

Hi. We’re using Uppy and have several of the “Uppy companion” integrations working, but I haven’t been able to figure out whether S3 and SFTP integrations are supported. Does anyone know if those are available, or if there are any docs on how to set those up?

For extra clarity I’ll add that I’m aiming to use SFTP and S3 as sources, not destinations, meaning I want our users to enter SFTP info into the Uppy widget and then Uppy pulls their file and puts it on our target destination (which is S3). The ideal would be that it looks exactly like the Google Drive integration where the user can pick and choose the file all inside of Uppy.

Any guidance is appreciated!

Hi, S3 is not available as a source, only as a destination. This is also not a priority for us so you would have to build it yourself.

Thanks for the info on S3 Merlijn. What about SFTP?