S3 Remote Provider

Has there been any requests or thoughts regarding adding a S3 remote provider? Like the supported Google, Dropbox, and others?

Hi! Not until now, no—we only support uploading to an S3 bucket. How would a remote provider ideally work for your use case? Something like importing files from a predefined bucket?

FWIW we probably wouldn’t be able to get to implementing this for quite a long time, if at all, but we do have a way to implement custom provider modules. It’s only partially documented so far, like many of our plugin APIs unfortunately. The server part is briefly explained here: https://uppy.io/docs/companion/#Adding-custom-providers and the client part is currently not documented. If you have time and would be interested in giving it a shot despite the lack of docs we could provide some guidance tho.

Thanks for the reply - Yes that’s exactly what we are thinking. Many of our clients migrate to our platform from S3 or use Snowball to migrated their files to S3 then into our system. We looked at the existing implementation for providers and might end up writing one for S3 sometime in Q1 2019 if not done before.