Why can't I invoke uppy.upload() from reference?

Hello, maybe I’ve understood something wrong but I can’t figure out why I can’t trigger an upload from a reference to an Uppy instance.

My use-case is like this. I’m using Uppy/react for my React/NextJS project.

I have a component that can have a random number of Uppy uploaders and I want to trigger them all simultaneously. For that reason, when a new Uppy instance is created I save it’s reference into my Zustand store with Immer. Up until this part everything works as expected I can see the references to my objects as well as their unique IDs. I’ve checked with the component where uppy is instantiated and they match…

However, the problem is when I want to trigger the upload on any of those references. It returns this


but it doesn’t trigger the Upload like clicking on the Upload button would, nor does it upload. I’ve tested the same thing, just with the uppy.upload() function called inside that same component and it works normally.

Anyone has any idea what might cause this?