What does .upload do?

I was recommended to use Uppy and I’ve been checking its docs.
I saw there is this .upload() method, but I have no clue where it uploads to.
I saw when configuring the Uppy instance, you have the option to specify the backend url, but at no point does it use queries from the client server.

In short I have a mutation sendMessage where through graphql it accepts the conversation id where the message belongs, the text of the message and the uploads. It is a mutation so it has a mutate(variables: {...}) function through which the changes to the API are made. So in the react component, when the send button is pressed, it calls a local function that calls this mutate function.
With Uppy I have no idea how any of this would change. Any advice would be appreciated, since it really looks like a fantastic library, but with no coding examples on how to interact with my personal API/Database, I am at a loss.

Hi! .upload() will initiate an upload with any uploader plugin you’re using. You likely want @uppy/xhr-upload: https://uppy.io/docs/xhr-upload/. Add it to Uppy, set your upload endpoint, and then files will be uploaded there. Everything else is handled outside of Uppy in this case.

Or do you need to make those API calls when your users press “Upload” in Uppy?