Use multiple instances for uploading file

i use one global instance of uppy for file uploading , i have list of project in my application , firstly i started the uploading video for first project while im trying to upload video for different project , same uppy instance is open the video uploaded and video uploaded into first project… i want solution to upload video for different project with same instance …or any other convenient way…

If you use multiple Uppy instances you need to set multiple ids as well. See the docs.. Does that help?

you are right Sir … there are no of projects listed in my application , and i want upload files for different projects in one instance …its aslo working , but when im trying to upload the video for another project , they cant show status of first project uploading , but the process run in background

Please share the errors you are seeing and your integration code in order for us to help.

I dont have any error , actually i define one arrow while uploading file for each project ,and when i click on it , the instance for that project is open, but i want multiple arrows for multiple projects which indicate uploading is running for multiple projects and when i click on that , particular instance will be open for particular project.!
MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online|683x384

As per the image arrow is only for one project at time , when i click on it the uppy instance is open foe that project.
i want multiple arrows for multiple project while uploading ,& particular project instance will open when i click on particular arrow

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (1)

I want the output as per the image

It’s still hard for me to understand what you are trying to achieve. Regarding the usage of uppy, you either create one instance or multiple with different ids. This seems to be more about the functionality of your website/app rather than the uppy integration? I’m also not sure what you mean with “arrows”?