Can you have multiple Uppy instances but then a singular Upload progress component for all videos?

Hi there… I’ve been developing a React app recently where I’m creating a sort of timeline where each Timeline section can have it’s own video. And each of the generated timeline sections is a new component that has it’s own uppy instance.

My question here is, can I have an upload progress component that will show progress for all videos on all uppy instances?

Or should I maybe have only one Uppy instance at the top level, then each section only has a Dropzone?

Or something else entirely…?

I think you’re best bet is indeed to use a single instance of @uppy/core with multiple @uppy/drag-drop with different id’s (or some other UI) and a single @uppy/status-bar (or some other progress bar). However, I have not tried to use multiple UIs with Uppy myself. I think it should work though.

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Alright, will try and get back

Hi zzleki
I am also using Uppy, There should be different instances for each section because when you apply any event like beforeupload, in that case, this will not work correctly
I have rendered multiple uppy uploaders on the same page, and for that, I have created different instances like uppy1 and uppt2 like that where the 1 and 2 are the id of my field,
You can see this in the attached Images

Preetam Kumar Joshi