Concurrent background file uploads like google drive

I have a HTML/CSS/JS SPA where you have a bunch of users and a list of their actions that can be filtered and viewed by user or date. Each of those actions can have large videos associated to it. I am looking to implement a file upload for each of those action entries such that once I queue an upload, then I can switch to another user or date or action and the upload would still keep going. I was thinking of something like Google Drive’s upload feature where once you start the upload a progress bar shows up where you can track progress of all your uploads.

Is there a way I can do this with Uppy ?

This is not possible because you are trying to compare local vs remote uploads. Google Drive files aren’t uploaded by the client but by companion. That’s why the upload continues even if you close Uppy. But with local uploads you need to keep the instance alive to upload the file.

However, if you use the vanilla JS dashboard modal and you close it, it’s actually hidden not destroyed. So you could technically have multiple uppy dashboard modals and hide and show them based on the action, causing the upload to continue.

I am not trying to upload remote files from google drive. It will be local files being uploaded by the client. I just want the functionality where I can navigate the SPA and the uploads keep running in the background kind of like Google drive does it. Note: The network requests donot reset in my SPA since the page does not refresh.

Alright. But like I said if you don’t destroy the Uppy instance things should be able to run in the background and you could render another Uppy instance for a different action. Make sure to use different IDs: Uppy — Uppy