I want Uppy to upload to Google Drive some question

I’m a beginner and try to understand as how to use Uppy to select files and to send them to Google Drive account that I own.

What is the best way to do that and what is the problem with this?
I read something about Drive cant do XHR but what if I only use Uppy to selected the files and then write my own code so user can download to local and then I send the files to Google Drive?
I’m a beginner at this
Maybe someone has made a plugin for this now?
I’m playing around in this Sandbox
Any tips would be nice thanks

I can’t provide exact code, but you should be able to upload files as described here. As far as I’m aware, Companion doesn’t support this feature, so you would need to handle OAuth yourself. The XHRUpload plugin might work in this circumstance, but you also might need something more specialized for this task. Sorry that I can’t provide too much of a description on this solution, but the docs should make it sort-of straightforward.

If you’d like to upload to a specific Google account’s Google Drive, instead of to the user’s Google Drive, you could setup an API endpoint that takes a file, and calls the Google API client to upload the file. Unfortunately Transloadit doesn’t support this feature, or else this use-case would be even easier. As this is once again a pretty general idea, I can’t provide any example code.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
- Andrew

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