Handling multiple inputs with Uppy and Tus?

Is there a suggested pattern for handling multiple file uploaders with Uppy and Tus? I’ve seen previous suggestions of one uppy instance, and multiple dashboard with different id’s. However, in my case, I also need to set file metadata that is unique to each dashboard (so dashboard 1 might have the metafield { id: A }, dashboard 2 { id: B}, etc. This data is used by my backend for further processing.

Hi. Have you tried multiple Uppy instances (one per dashboard)?

Yes that is what I have been using as my current solution, but I was wondering if I could clean it up somehow.

What do you mean by “clean it up”? Does it cause problems to have multiple instances?

Apologies. When I say “clean it up”, I mean I would like to simplify the code. The issue I have with multiple instances is that sharing and accessing state, especially between components, becomes unnecessarily complex.

Alright. Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to use multiple dashboards on the same Uppy, with different configurations.