Uppy is showing success, but the file is not actually uploaded to directory


I am using Laravel 9 with Uppy. I have an issue that when the upload is successful, the file isn’t actually stored in the destination:

I have a global file upload action that runs across the entire application:

class UploadImageAction implements UploadImageContract
    public function handle(Request $request, $imageProperty, $image, $imageDir)
        if ($request->hasFile($imageProperty)) {
            // Handle uploading lf_image
            if (!is_null($image) && Storage::exists($image)) {
                // Throw exceptions here
            // Throw exceptions here
            return $request->file($imageProperty)->store($imageDir);

It was working fine before adding Uppy to the project, but I don’t know why the file/s aren’t being uploaded?

The files are being stored together with the form data in the controller like so:

public function storeReport(Request $request)
        $report = new Report();
        $report = $this->handleAttachments($request, $report); // Upload Image Action class here


        if(!$report) {
            throw new ReportException('Something went wrong with the request.' . $report);

        return $report;

The files should show at public/app/report/attachments

This is the Uppy code:

uppy.use(Uppy.Form, {
    target: '#reportsForm',
    resultName: 'uppyResult',
    getMetaFromForm: true,
    submitOnSuccess: false,
    triggerUploadOnSubmit: false,

uppy.use(Uppy.XHRUpload, {
    endpoint: storeReport,
    limit: 10,
    formData: true,
    fieldName: 'attachment',
    allowedMetaFields: null,
    headers: {
        'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="csrf-token"]').attr('content')