Storing upload files locally

I have a question, I am currently developing a web app in laravel, I recently discovered uppy_io and I would like after loading my file using uppy that I can store it in a folder of my site or machine. Is it possible?

Hi, yes, if you target your laravel backend with the xhr plugin, your backend will just receive a regular multipart file upload, as if an ordinary <form> had sent it. Does that make sense?

Finally I saw with the plugin xhr, I managed to point to my php page.I have another issue the following is that I can not recover the element in php in order to do the treatment that need. Could a person guide me?

I recommend doing a something like

die('please inspect the payloads above. aborting execution for now. ');

So you can inspect the uploads that are transmitted to your PHP backend.

Thanks , i already catch everything using a buffer php function that i have created.