Uppy.io.js in localhost with wampserver

Good afternoon.
I’m using uppy on localhost with wampserver.
However, a strange situation is occurring.
I choose a txt file to upload and the endpoint is a php that reads this txt file to write to mysql, however, at localhost, it gives that the upload is 100% complete, but it does not insert it completely, because , the temporary file that is created in the tmp folder automatically deletes before completing this process.
I am using the same tool in my hosting and it works perfectly.
Can you help me !?

This sounds like it would possibly be a problem with your PHP code or Wampserver itself as Uppy wouldn’t be able to delete the file from the folder your PHP form handler is saving it to.

Without the code for frontend/backend this is hard to debug. Is it possible to share that code?

Hi friend good morning.
The code below reads the file submitted by uppy.
In localhost, it is very slow (50 seconds), in hosting it is less than 0.56ms. If I run the php file directly, setting the file by hand in file_get_contents () it is fast.

foreach($_FILES[‘files’][‘tmp_name’] as $key => $tmp_name)
file_tmp = _FILES[‘files’][‘tmp_name’][$key];

$data = file_get_contents($file_tmp);

if (strpos($data, '#EXTINF') !== false) {
    $data = str_replace("'", '"', $data);
    $data = explode('#EXTINF:', $data);
    $groups = [];
    $channels = [];
    foreach($data as $item){
		$groupName = explode('title=', $item);
		if(count($groupName) > 1){
			$groupName = $groupName[1];
			$groupName = explode('"', $groupName)[1];
			if(strlen(trim($groupName)) > 0){
				if(!array_key_exists($groupName, $groups)){
					$category = obterCategoria(0, $groupName);
					if(sizeof($category) == 0){
						$category = obterCategoria(0, $groupName);
					$groups[$groupName] = $category;
				} else {
					$category = $groups[$groupName];
			$channelName = explode('tvg-name="', $item);
			if(count($channelName) > 1){
				$channelName = $channelName[1];
				$channelName = explode('"', $channelName)[0];
				$channelName = str_replace('"', "'", $channelName);
				$channelName = trim($channelName);
			$link = explode('tvg-name', $item)[1];
			$link = explode("\n", $link);
			$link = $link[1];
			$link = trim($link);

			$logo = explode('tvg-logo="', $item)[1];
			$logo = explode('"', $logo)[0];
			$image_url = trim($logo);			

            if(!array_key_exists($channelName, $channels)){
                $channel = obterLink(0, $channelName);
                if(sizeof($channel) == 0 || !$channel){
                    $category_id = $category[0]['id'];
                    $channels[$channelName] = true;
                    adicionarlink($channelName, $link, $category_id, $image_url);