UPPY + tus-php: getting json from server

Need advice.

Tried to put data in a custom header but I can’t access it on ‘upload-success’ event. Maybe I miss something small.

I need to get some additional data (json) from the server when single file uploading is finished. It’s TUS on the backend. So I’m not using Uppy with XHR.

What is the best approach to solve the task?


Hello there! I am not too familiar with PHP, so most of my insight comes from reading the tus-php docs.

  1. I don’t know why this would be. I’ve seen a couple other questions about this topic, so it might be worth further looking into
  2. You should be able to listen for events using this code. I’d assume you’d then just need to send a response, maybe with middleware

Sorry for how vague I’m being, I don’t really know PHP well enough to get any other info

- Andrew