Files after an error from backend

I’m using Laravel as the backend.

This is responsible for validating the data. It throws a json if the data is invalid.


namespace App\Http\Requests;

use Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\Validator;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest;
use Illuminate\Http\Exceptions\HttpResponseException;

class StoreArticleRequest extends FormRequest

     * Get the validation rules that apply to the request.
     * @return array<string, \Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\ValidationRule|array<mixed>|string>
    public function rules(): array
        return [
            'images' => 'nullable',
            'images.*' => 'image|mimes:jpg,png',

    protected function failedValidation(Validator $validator)
        throw new HttpResponseException(response()->json(['errors' => $validator->errors()], 422));

This is the error that’s being thrown when the data is invalid.

	"errors": {
		"images.0": [
			"The images.0 field must be an image.",
			"The images.0 field must be a file of type: jpg, png."

If the error happened, the user could change their mind and remove the invalid image.

As you can see here, the user doesn’t have the option to remove the image.

Hi, have you tried showRemoveButtonAfterComplete?

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I did. It says in the docs

Show the remove button on every file after a successful upload.

It only shows the button if the upload was successful. The data is invalid, it didn’t pass the validation check so it shouldn’t be successful.

I think I got it?

Here’s my uppy dashboard options:

  target: '#uppy',
  inline: true,
  hideUploadButton: true,
  proudlyDisplayPoweredByUppy: true,
  singleFileFullScreen: false,
  hidePauseResumeButton: true,
  hideRetryButton: true,

Whenever I hover over the (X), “Retry upload” shows. Is this intentional?