Uppy Image Editor force crop option?

I’m working on a project where I would like the user to be able to crop an uploaded image, but only in a specific aspect ratio (e.x. 5 x 7). Is there a current method for doing that? I looked into cropperOptions in the Image Editor plugin, but I think I may be passing down arguments incorrectly:

uppy.use(Uppy.ImageEditor, {
                target: Uppy.Dashboard,
                metadata: {
                exif: true,
                restrictions: {
                    aspectRatio: 5 / 7, // 5x7 ratio
                cropperOptions: {
                    aspectRatio: 1 / 2 ,
                    initialAspectRatio: 1 / 2,

The ‘restrictions’ option is something ChatGPT recommended but that I can’t find in the docs anywhere. It doesn’t do anything (i.e. I can still move the crop box to any ratio) and neither does the cropperOptions though maybe I have it set up wrong. I tried to match what was expected from the Cropper docs.

Any insight?