Questions about Uppy

Hello and thank you for your time.
I am thinking about using Uppy instead of PLupload.
Is there image resizing available before upload?
Is there automatic image rotation based upon camera orientation data?
Is there any cropping plugin?

Thank you so much!

Hi Warren!

Currently, Uppy doesn’t have any image manipulation plugins. So none of those are implemented yet. They all can be though, and we’re planning on adding them after our 1.0 release—I can’t give a precise timeline, but I’d say expect to see them “sometime in 2019” (very broad, I know :sweat_smile:)

If resizing, rotation and cropping should all be done to predefined parameters without user input, you can use the Transloadit plugin with’s commercial offering.

If that means you can’t switch to Uppy yet, that’s fine! Hopefully we’ll be able to address those use cases as well in the future :slight_smile: