Image Editor 1.0 🌈

Feedback on taking our Image Editor from beta to stable is welcome here. What’s all still needed?

For starters, in /r/javascript, this was requested:

  • make an inline single photo crop upload possible, add an example

In /r/reactnative:

  • consider moving buttons outside of image

I did some testing on 1.18.0 today.

  • +1 on single photo crop upload.

  • When will it be available in CDN as production?

  • Also, what sources (My Device…) will it support? Button appears hidden for Google.

I’ve got it working pretty well so if I can get a workflow that goes from single file selection to here with nothing in between, it’ll work great!

Pressing the Checkmark would send the file without stopping at an intermediary list page.



Have the option to open the image-editor upon uploading files (so the images get croppes), or allow auto-cropping of added images without a popup