Problems with ImageEditor button

Hello community.

During the installing ImageEditor, something went wrong.

My js file

  const uppy = Uppy({
  debug: true,
  autoProceed: false,
  restrictions: {
    maxFileSize: 1024 * 1024 * 25,
    maxNumberOfFiles: 1000,
    minNumberOfFiles: 1,
    allowedFileTypes: ['image/*']

uppy.use(Dashboard, {
  browserBackButtonClose: true,
  closeModalOnClickOutside: true,
  disablePageScrollWhenModalOpen: false,
  inline: false,
  proudlyDisplayPoweredByUppy: false,
  replaceTargetContent: true,
  showProgressDetails: true,
  trigger: '.UppyModalOpenerBtn',
  target: this.area_selector,
  height: 470,
  metaFields: [
    { id: 'caption', name: 'Desc', placeholder: 'Description' }
uppy.use(XHRUpload, {some logic});

uppy.use(ImageEditor, {
  target: Dashboard,
  id: 'ImageEditor',
  quality: 1.0,
  cropperOptions: {
    viewMode: 1,
    background: false,
    autoCropArea: 1,
    responsive: true
  actions: {
    revert: true,
    rotate: true,
    flip: true,
    zoomIn: true,
    zoomOut: true,
    cropSquare: true,
    cropWidescreen: true,
    cropWidescreenVertical: true

Also, I included CSS.

so after that, I can’t find the button “Edit file” like here in the example Uppy examples

I also can’t find this button from the HTML page source.


"@uppy/core": "^1.8.1",
"@uppy/dashboard": "^1.6.0",
"@uppy/image-editor": "^0.2.1",
"@uppy/xhr-upload": "^1.5.0",

Any ideas on how I can manage it?