Transloadit blacklisted by Cisco

We have a customer who has received bored user errors when attempting to upload files. We recommended that they whitelist Transloadit, but today I received notification from them that they won’t because Cisco has blacklisted Transloadit because of security issues. Has anyone else heard about this? I can’t find anything online.

This is the first I’ve heard, I’ll try reaching out to Cisco as this is clearly not what should be happening.

Are we blacklisted on one particular device? From googling it appears the only global blacklist that Cisco maintains is Talos, and Talos is not blacklisted us so far as I can see:

Further research only points to specific Cisco appliances that can be configured with custom blacklists, so perhaps this is the case? Where an admin blacklisted us on a single (or several) devices?

Any more details you could provide regarding this blacklist in question will help.

Unfortunately I cannot provide our client’s name, but we are working on getting additional information from them, and we will include the questions that you asked.

@JPSH Have you found out more yet? If you can’t disclose information publicly you can also email