Does Transloadit support using a custom CNAME?

Does Transloadit support using a custom CNAME?
We work in education and often have very little control over the networks our product is deployed in, so we try to minimize the number of services we need to ask school districts to white list. Other upload services like Filestack and Uploadcare make it clear in their pricing plans that they support custom CNAMES, but I don’t see that in the Transloadit pricing or anywhere in the docs. Could someone please comment as to if this is possible or even necessary? The docs are not super clear in this regard.

Hi, not right now I’m afraid! It is on our roadmap as an enterprise feature, but it hasn’t left the early planning stages yet so probably you cannot afford wait for it :confused:

Can you get (.) whitelisted? That should do the trick.

Thanks for the quick reply. We do have some parts of our service which rely on third party sites, but for a core mechanic like upload (which we have so far handled internally), I think it’s unlikely we’ll replace it with a service we can’t effectively white-label. Working with the network admins for K-12 schools and districts can quickly become a time sink.

I see yes. Perhaps as an alternative you could use, make it upload to S3, and have Transloadit import from that. That way, there does not have to be a direct connection between Transloadit and the client. The client will need to have access to the s3 buckets, but Amazon’s domains might be easier to get approval for (if they haven’t been approved already) (and they likely can be CNAME-white-labeled too already).