Any consultants here? Will pay for guidance

I need to convert user uploads for serving Apple Fair Play and DASH+CENC (two flavours of DRM).

It is not clear to me if or how I could re-use variants and/or fragments to reduce encoding before applying DRM. What are the best assembly/template(s) to create.

I have all this done on my own servers, but we have edge/fail cases and I want to see if transloadit overcomes them (I am guessing we have messed up some ffmpeg or gpac command parameter).

So I want to simply test at first to ensure we can make a ‘problem child’ video playback in our player if transloadit did the encoding. Assuming it does, then I want to set up an api to automate.

I have the background to understand what is going on.
But I loathe the idea of struggling by myself for a few days.
If I can find a guru to work with me over Skype or such, I will cheerfully pay for their time.

We have a live site, a player, many films and servers. Also have uppy front end in beta.
It’s a case os putting together a workflow.
First a test job proof of concept, then setting it up for regular unattended or on demand encoding and encryption.

Thank you.