Rendering radio buttons group as a single metaField in Uppy Dashboard

Hey Everyone,
I’m working with Uppy and Uppy dashboard in a React project. I’ve been looking for a solution to render a set of radio buttons within a single metaField but haven’t found a clear answer despite searching through Github issues/PRs and previous forum posts. I’ve also attempted various approaches on my own but haven’t been successful.
Currently, I can create individual radio buttons as separate metaFields using the following code:

            id: 'exclude',
            name: 'Exclude',
            value: 'on',
            render({ value, onChange, required, form }, h) {
              return h('input', {
                type: 'radio',
                onChange: (ev) => onChange( ? 'on' : ''),
                defaultChecked: value === 'off',

My goal is to modify this approach and achieve a single metaField containing multiple radio buttons. e.g. I want a field named ‘exclude’ with two options, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
I’ve tried creating a custom form component and return that as JSX within the render method of the metaField, but that also did not work.

Any guidance or suggestions on how to achieve this functionality would be greately appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!