metaFields -> <select><option> How to

Anybody know how to set tags inside in metaFields…
Am using the below example for changing filename and a similar for text area and works perfect…
Have not been able to figure out how to set inside the select tags…
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


  id: 'name',

  name: 'Name',

  render ({ value, onChange, fieldCSSClasses }, h) {

    const point = value.lastIndexOf('.')

    const name = value.slice(0, point)

    const ext = value.slice(point + 1)

    return h('input', {

      class: fieldCSSClasses.text,

      type: 'text',

      value: name,

      name: 'newName',

      onChange: (event) => onChange( + '.' + ext),

      'data-uppy-super-focusable': true