DashBoard with metaFields, returning a Component in render()?

Is it possible to use Vue components in metaFields render()? F.ex like this:

  import SelectInput from "@/SelectInput.vue";

  new Uppy().use(
      Dashboard, {
        inline: true,
        target: '#ul-dashboard',
        showProgressDetails: true, 
        metaFields: [
            id: 'album_id', // dom element id
            name: 'Album',
            render({ value, onChange, required, form }, h) {
              return h(SelectInput, {
                  // ...

If I replace the object in the metaFields array, with one from the docs then I can edit things. But the example in the docs uses a standard HTML element as a string, return h(‘input’, { …

When I try to run the code with SelectInput I get this error:

…and the parameter with the “bad” data does indeed contain an object, whereas it just contains a string with an HTML element name when running the docs example code. …and the Edit meta modal doesn’t appear with SelectInput, that error comes while building the HTML for it.

So, is it possible to use Components in metaFields render()? The docs for h() at vuejs.org seem to imply that it is possible.

Thanks for your time.

It’s not possible to use Vue components. Uppy is built with Preact. The h function is for Preact, not Vue, they just have functions coincidentally with the same name.