Multiple-image uploads with associated attributes



I want my users to add a title and alt-tag when they upload an image. No problem if they are uploading one at a time, but it is a bit confusing with multiple uploads through the dashboard or other widgets. So I have a few questions/requests…

  • I know that with the dashboard widget I could use the metaFields to add fields that can be edited before form submission. When I do this, there is also a ‘name’ field that appears to be forced, which contains the filename. Is it possible to suppress this?

  • Is it possible to do any validation on the metaFields before submission? What I would really like is to be able to drag a bunch of images onto the dashboard, and have them show as invalid until these extra fields are filled in, at which point the upload button would be enabled.

  • Is there a better way to do this? Could I, for instance, use the Uppy.Form pattern and create form fields as images are dragged in?

  • Do I just need to accept that I should have some intermediate state after the images are uploaded, but before they are committed? I would rather keep things as streamlined as possible, but I would also like to avoid any unnecessary client-side shenanigans.