Maybe bug report: Uploading a single file creates an unexpectedly large preview image

I dont know if this deserves to be a bug report,
but it is certainly not expected behavior after updating to 3.3.1 (compared to 2022 versions)

Steps to reproduce
Set Uppy height to 350
(which previously worked perfectly fine)

Upload 1 file,
then upload 2 files
(compare with 2022 previous versions of uppy)

Observe how Uppy forces 1 image to display at unexpectedly large sizes.

Expected behavior
The preview for a single image should be treated the same way images have traditionally been treated, which is height: 190px; width: calc(25% - 30px);

The uppy interface should not be forcing just 1 image to display at absurdly large sizes.
This should be up to the user to customize in CSS should they choose to.

adding the class: .uppy-Dashboard--singleFile .uppy-Dashboard-Item-preview is an excellent behavior, but adding CSS to that class as follows is not expected (based on previous iterations this is a drastic and unnecessary change)

Actual behavior
With the surprise introduction of this new CSS a single image does not behave at all like it should, instead the first image is treated like so: height: 270px; width: 100%; - this is a drastic and unnecessary change to force onto users of previous versions.

For example:
.uppy-Dashboard--singleFile .uppy-Dashboard-Item-preview { height: 270px; width: 100%; }

Previous treatment of images:
.uppy-Dashboard-Item { height: 190px; width: calc(25% - 30px); }

Simply put,
NEW VERSION OF UPPY FOR 1 IMAGE: yuck… :frowning:


I second this - it would be great to make the new Single Image Mode optional. A configuration to turn it off and make single files work like they previously did.
@arturi can you help with this?

Hi, it’s indeed a bug with the layout, I’m working on fixing it. As for the option to disable Single File mode altogether — we’ll consider it.