Thumbails and image file size

I’m using Uppy 1.20.0 with great results, thank you!

One thing what bothers me is the file size shown in image preview.

In short, is there a way to specify the file size of the image displayed in the dashboard?

Full version: When I prefill Uppy with existing images, I want to download only thumbnails from the server. So I call addFile setting my own thumbnails as the displayed image like this:

  .then((response) => response.blob()) // returns a Blob
  .then((blob) => {
      name: '<?= $fileName; ?>', // image name
      source: 'mysouce',
      type: blob.type,
      data: blob,
      remote: true,
      meta: {
        caption: '<?= $caption; ?>',
        fileid: '<?= $id(); ?>',
        origcaption: '<?= $description; ?>',
        origname: '<?= $orig_name; ?>',
        fileEditable: true,

Everything is fine but instead of the file size I want to see, there is shown filesize of the thumbnail - most likely from the size of the blob downloaded.

I would like to show custom size (original or other variant) of the image. Is this possible?