Use Uppy Dashboard more compactly


I have a form with three Uppy instances on it. I am specifying a height of 400 when configuring each Uppy Dashboard. This height is the shortest height I could use that will allow a single selected file to appear in the Dashboard without causing the Dashboard to scroll.

As you can see from the screenshot below, having three Uppy Dashboards on the same form, each with a height of 400, results in a pretty tall form.

400 Height, with Single File Mode

To make the form less tall, one idea I have is to turn off “Single File” mode, such that when only one file is selected, the size of its preview is the same size as the previews when two or more files are selected. Unfortunately I don’t see an option in the Dashboard for this.

Just as a test, if I temporarily change @uppy/dashboard/src/components/Dashboard.js to remove line 37 (the following line of code), I’m able to achieve running the Dashboard with “Single File” mode turned off.

// Remove this line of code
'uppy-Dashboard--singleFile': singleFile

Now if I run with this code change, and I change the height of each Dashboard instance to 250, you can see the difference in form height in the screenshot below:

250 Height, without Single File Mode
Unfortunately I am not able to add a second screenshot here because I am a new user. I’ll see if I can add it in a follow up comment to this post.

Ideally I would like to make the file previews and the Dashboard heights even less than 250, so that the overall height of my form is even less, but I’m not sure to accomplish that. I would be happy for now if I could just configure the Dashboard to not use the"Single File" mode, which seems like it could be a pretty simple enhancement to the Dashboard.

I am using version 3.2.1 of Uppy Dashboard. Is there a way to achieve a more compact Dashboard with the version of the Dashboard I am using or with a newer version? If not, does this post serve as a feature enhancement request or is there a separate process I should follow for that?


Here is the screenshot with “Single File” mode removed from a local copy of my Dashboard plugin