Big preview of single file upload

Hello I want to move from Dropify to get rid of jquery dependency (and its not maintained anymore) and Uppy seems to be very capable and powerful tool, but I’m not able to find out how to set it up to have big image preview instead of list of files. The use case is lets say profile image, etc.

Check their web for examples: Dropify — Override your input files with style.

Is it possible in Uppy? If yes, then how? :thinking:

Hi, @uppy/dashboard doesn’t have a single, big preview but a grid of previews. If that’s acceptable then you can use restrictions to only allow one file. Otherwise you could consider @uppy/drag-drop and build your own profile picture preview.

Well, about own profile picture viewer, that’s not my decision, not my private project. Anyway, thanks for answer. Bye.