How to drop an file attachement from mail box (Gmail, outlook) to web app?

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When drag and drop file from attachement from gmail to desktop, the file is well downloaded. But is there a way to perform the same thing between for example Gmail and an app using Transloadit our Uppy ?
So dropping a Gmail attachement to a javascript web app to upload it.

Thanks a lot for your help

You can drag any valid file into @uppy/dashboard or @uppy/drag-drop, so if gmail does that correctly, it should already work?

Using Dashboard — Uppy, looks like the file / or file url is not copied well

Here the first file was dropped from local finder, the other ones from gmail web app

Cf full video here: Screen Recording 2022-09-08 at 14.26.02

AFAIK this is not an issue we can tackle, we support dropping actual files, and gmail seems to be doing something different that happens to work for an OS, but that doesn’t mean it works for a browser.

Ok i created this: Feature Request: drag and drop file attachement to other browser apps - Gmail Community

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