Upload to cloud from an email attachment

We run a cloud storage service for homeowners who get mailed a lot of attachments. I am wondering if we can use our Uppy installation to upload attachments to our service emails directly out of the emails?

We want a user who has received an email with attachments to be able to right-click on the attachements and select ‘Upload directly to our cloud service. I know you can do this with webmail and OneDrive.

I recognise this may require a diffferent approach for mail attachments that have downloaded, vs attachments that are still held in the cloud. Thanks in advance.


If you don’t control the mail client software yourself, then your best bet would probably be to develop a browser extension that can handle fetching and uploading the attachments.

Obviously this would only work for webmail, but there are generally equivalent plugin architectures in most mail clients as well where similar functionality could be implemented.

As for using Uppy itself, that may be possible within a browser extension, but you will probably run into a few issues as the execution context for browser extensions generally has a more stringent security context.

Thank you! It looks like it will need a browser based extension to cover all the webmail type accounts, and then a software specific approach for Outlook and iMail.