Advice for Facebook app?

I’m having a very difficult time getting “Live” approval for my configured facebook app I’m using for companion integration.

Hoping someone can enlighten me on the permissions and features necessary, and whether standard access or advanced access is needed.

Right now when I auth with facebook I get a banner “Submit for Login Review: Some of the permissions have not been approved for use by Facebook”

Further, a message requesting “Your name and profile picture, email address and photos.”

I currently have Advanced Access for “email” and “public_profile” permissions. That seems to be allowed by default for any Facebook app. I have Standard Access for “user_photos” – unsure if its complaining because I don’t have Advanced Access here or what?

Hi. AFAIK you need Advanced Access and Review is required in order to use “user_photos” - which is required by Companion.

Yea, advanced access is needed. A precondition of that is “Business Verification” which involves setting up a meta Business Account and submitting documents to prove business ownership.

Was able to get it resolved but it was much more complicated than dropbox/google drive.

Thanks for reporting back. Will update the docs!