Companion generates redirect URLs without SSL

Hi, I’ve managed to install a standalone version of Companion 4 on Heroku, here:

I’ve configured the env variables to add Google Drive and Facebook uploads from my apps, the only problem I have is that in both cases Companion automatically generates the redirect URLs without HTTPS but only with HTTP, and this is not allowed in neither cases. Ex:

I didn’t find any config to change this behavior and any explanation in the docs, any help?

Thank you!

Hi! Have you tried with the protocol option https? COMPANION_PROTOCOL=https

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Damn! Here it is… I’ve just tried with Facebook and it now works, thank you @mifi !!
I’ve looked many times in the docs for this option, but I’ve completely missed it, it’s not so obvious or clear the description, maybe it should be added some mention about HTTPS/SSL, this is what I was looking for.

Great! We will improve the docs, thanks

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