Is standalone companion working?

I can get all of the way to selecting a provider including Dropbox or Google Drive, but then the system responds that I have a malformed request.

  • in google drive, I get a message that I didn’t provide a client id. Isn’t that the KEY?
  • in Dropbox, I get a message that my redirect URL isn’t https. It is.

Do I need to set up an express server to get this to work?


Hi, there is not enough information here to help. Going to need to see how you integrate or use Companion + Uppy code. But the errors very likely indicate you misconfigured the apps and Companion is working fine.

I was able to get a lot farther by using the JSON configuration option. This allowed me to turn on debugging, which does not seem to be supported in the environment variables? At present, google key and secret are being accepted properly based upon the JSON configuration. I haven’t had time to check whether the exact same configuration works with environment variables.

At present, I am having trouble with implicit paths. The public service instance is at . NGINX is happiest when I make the path to the server implicit, so that the actual backend server doesn’t have a path, while parts of the client only seem to know about explicit paths. At present, the final redirect from google back to my application responds without the implicit path. This seems to be a setting in the JavaScript client???

I have companion working but there are things I don’t understand about how it works. I will post a more relevant question.