Uppy S3 multipart from nodejs 16

Hi, has anyone got uppy S3 multipart client working with nodejs? ( directly from nodejs, there is no UI/browser involved )

We are using xhr2 for nodejs xhr request ( set on global ) and fetch-blob to mimic a file blob

    import { fileFromSync } from 'fetch-blob/from.js'
    const fsFile = fileFromSync(filePath, "text/plain");
      name: fileName, // file name
      type: "text/plain", // file type
      data: fsFile, // file blob

xhr.send() ( that is called in the s3 multipart plugin ) doesn’t receive the proper part data. Been trying to trace the calls and compare against the browser version.

Could someone please point to the right way of getting this to work on nodejs, version 16? ( Abortcontroller was introduced in 15 )