Uppy: Progress Bar is not working correctly

Hi all,

i’m using a custom uppy UI with the progress bar plugin installed.
I’m trying to upload big files like 1GB up to 3GB file size.
The upload start correctly, but for the progress bar the upload is over after few seconds, instead the file is still growing in the background.
I also added the following event in order to monitor the progress situation:

uppy.on(‘upload-progress’, (file, progress) => {

  • // file: { id, name, type, … }*
  • // progress: { uploader, bytesUploaded, bytesTotal }*
  • console.log(file.id, progress.bytesUploaded, progress.bytesTotal)*

but i still have the same behaviour of the progress bar, the total bytes is reached after few seconds.
Can someone please test it and help me check if there is something wrong?

PS: in the backend i’m using tus with .net

Problem solved.

It seems that the Webserver used “Kestrel” doesn’t manage properly the browser progress events, so switching to “HTTP.sys” webserver the progress bar works like a charm.