Uppy integration with netcore application

How can we integrate the uppy js with Google drive, onedrive, dropbox etc to dotnetcore platform?

Anyone have idea about it?


I haven’t used .NET, but I suspect it shouldn’t be that hard, you have to make sure Uppy is rendered on the client instead of the server?

If you’re talking about Companion, you can’t run that directly inside the .NET ecosystem, it’s a Node.js server.

Thank you @Merlijn for your response… :grinning:

OK, then only possible with express Node based application correct?

For that I may create stand alone node based application with express js?

May I get sample app with google drive provider?
Do you have any demo that can I check and use.

If you’re not running an existing Express server, it’s best to instead run Companion standalone. Checkout the docs on how to do that.

All that is needed for Google Drive to work is @uppy/google-drive on the client with Uppy and the right environment variables for Companion, assuming you have created a Google Developer account with the API enabled.

Alternatively, you can get a Transloadit plan and you don’t have to worry about anything, it will be hosted for you, and the secrets will be provided by us (you can still provide your own secrets if needed).

We are not any existing express running server… have to create separate companion app with node?

If you don’t have a Node.js project with a package.json you might want to install/run Companion globally like so: npm install -g @uppy/companion.

following it, checking out how to run Companion standalone.

Hi @Merlijn

Need your help.

as per your comment, I have install companion and able to run companion stand alone with version 3x… but found issue to download file from G drive.

index.html that setting google drive provider.

  .use(Uppy.GoogleDrive, {
      target: Uppy.Dashboard, 
      companionUrl: 'http://localhost:3020/',
      companionHeaders: {
          "Acess-Control-Allow-Origin": "*",
          "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": "OPTIONS, GET, POST, PATCH, PUT",
          "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": "Origin, X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Accept, Authorization, Extra-Data"

While I authorized with google drive and choosing any file to upload it throwing error as below screenshot.


Below is config json for stand alone server run.


Is any configuration issue?

have resolved to given full absolute path on the File upload end point.

Now have one issue on file upload there is extension is missing on file complete event.
how to get/know file extension on stream post?

Good to hear Companion works. If you have a different issue, please create a new post with as much detail as possible.

OK right @Merlijn
doing some research how to get meta data with file extension.

@abhishek - Did you get any resolution for this issue. We are also using net core and angular and integrating with uppy. We are unable to create companion in .net. could you please guide us if you have any lead on this.