Uppy fails with Dropbox

I start receiving errors from Dropbox providers:
“Error: request to dropbox returned 400”
“provider.dropbox.size.error Error: request to dropbox returned 400”
Its occurs when click to upload the selected Dropbox files.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance

This seems like an unusual issue. From the looks of it, you are already able to list your dropbox files, but this error occurs when you are trying to upload the file because companion is not able to get the file size from dropbox.

What kind/format of file is this particular file that you are trying to upload? Could you try and see if the problem persists with other files in other formats(e,g mp4, jpg)? Also, if it’s not confidential, could you share that specific file, to see if the problem can be reproduced? Otherwise, I could also guess that this might have been a temporary issue from dropbox’s end.