Dropbox calls fail with 404

Hi all,

I have a strange behavior where Uppy’s requests to dropbox return 404 when selecting a file or folder.

After examining the requests I could see that folder names or file names have %2F just before the folder or file name, like so:

/dropbox/list/%2F<file or folder name>
/dropbox/get/%2F<file or folder name>

I suspect this is the cause for the 404 from dropbox, but don’t know for sure…

Anyone can shed some light on this issue??

It seems that the %2F has nothing to do with the 404 response - so I’m back to square 1.

Here’s a screenshot of my console:

Does anyone have an idea how to approach this?

Hi @Alan could you try to fix the CORS errors and see if that rids of the issue?

See my solution here