Is your Dropbox redirect failing with invalid state? Mine is

Hey there -

The Uppy demo here works: for dropbox, but, with my implementation and connecting to our own Companion server, it fails with:

400: "state": must be at most 500 characters, got 512

when attempting authentication.

I’m on 1.6.0 for Uppy and Companion. BUT switching up the companion url to Transloadit.COMPANION works up until the redirect. So, I’m thinking it’s my redirect settings or something on the companion server side?

My redirects:

Any help would be great! Thank you!

This issue appears to be due to the internal state of Uppy or Companion. It seems that the request exceeds the maximum size of the state parameter.

However, I tested my own server and did not get this error. I’d assume that this is some sort bug that might be fixed by now. I saw you re-opening another post with a similar issue, but I think this specific error in particular should be fixed

If you have any further questions let me know
- Andrew