Uppy and Wordpress

Hi Guys,

Im sue this is a newb type of Question but Im wondering if there is any way of implementing uppy on a self hosted wordpress site.

Any guidance / suggestions / future plans?


Thanks for your interest! Uppy WordPress plugin is on our roadmap (roughly outlined here https://github.com/transloadit/uppy/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#backlog), we can not say when for sure, but we do want to add WordPress support. People have been asking for it, too. We are happy to accept PRs in the meantime: https://github.com/transloadit/uppy :slight_smile:

Right now you can tweak WordPress to accept uploads via certain URL and then use Uppy on the frontend of your website to actually upload those files. That is if you’d like your users to upload files to your site. But if you actually want to add Uppy to WordPress media gallery and post editors, that requires some more work.


In the context of WordPress can’t we provide a same-origin endpoint so the server should not be hosted in another place. If we can write a PHP Uppy SDK then all the problems will vanish.

Additionally, in the WordPress plugin zone, we can provide auth key and secret storage settings, which we can use the same origin to redirect the URL with some custom endpoints and make this amazing uppy authorize in the same domain name rather than separate server creation.

This is because we want to build integration and telling all our customer to setup seperate server is a tedious and non convencing work. Thus if PHP SDK for Uppy is available rest there are all the champ WP developers who can integrate it in their plugin, theme, moreover WP Media library file picker.

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