Quick Start Guide would be really helpful

First, I have to say that Uppy is the slickest looing uploader I have seen!

Wow! I mean really - WOW!

Ok… with that out of the way, I now have to ask: why don’t you have a quick start?

That is to say: a stripped down html file that has the bare minimum to get up and going?

If you already have one, then great, but all I see on the getting started page is the standard: "all you have to do is insert this code snip in an undocumented location in an undocumented part of undocumented surroundings in an html or asp or PHP file that we are not going to specify anything about.

Which leaves new users (who don’t know anything about your code or how it works) doing the old trial and error and consult with the community version of getting this up and going on their webpage.

I have already taken step one in that effort and grabbed the source of the html for the demo. HOLY COW that is a lot of fluff to strip away to get the bare minimum. Hope I don’t strip away something that is needed - cuz - how would I know if it is needed or not. I’m not the developer.

Get me drift…

Hi! Thank you for the kind words and for the feedback!

We are discussing the possibility of adding a simpler quick start example. It’s tricky to get right, because we have DragDrop and then Dashboard, different uploaders, different set of plugins each user might want to set up. If we make one really simple example, some people might never find a lot of neat features. Maybe starting with the easiest and then showing a few others is the way to go.

You made a good point, it occurred to us as well.

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I’m know I’m a couple of years late to this party, but:


You’ve expressed my experience exactly: totally smitten with Uppy, completely baffled by its implementation - not sure what code goes where, or why. I’m resolved to post a simple, working NodeJS/Express/AWS S3 example once I get it figured out, but currently working my way through a 2 hour web pack tutorial, because “just use web pack” is non-trivial for the beginner.

Also +1 for the “Wow!” - completely agree: I’m putting in all the effort because Uppy seems absolutely amazing from a user perspective - thank you, devs!

It is really good. I try and do…
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